How to choose the right typography for web design

When creating a website, there are many factors to consider in terms of web design. You shouldn’t shy away from typography as fonts are as important as the colors and other aspects of web design. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right typography:

Consider tone and message. Is the text casual or formal? Does the color of the text match the mood being read? It is essential to ensure that the text matches the mood that is being portrayed while reading it.

Loading times. Each type of fonts have different loading times. If a font takes too long to load, it is better to change the font immediately. The typeface’s speed should be tested. Though some fonts are prettier than the other, it is better to chose the one that loads as fast at lightning.

Works well in all sizes. Since users access your website via different devices, it is better to choose a font that suits all kinds of sizes. If some fonts don’t look good in smaller screens, it will be hard for users to read.

Avoid from using red or green colour only. There are coloured-blind people that won’t be able to see red or green font. It is better to use some icons or images together with the red or green colour text, if neccessary.

No blinking text. Nobody likes to see text that is constantly flashing infront of your eyes. Avoid using blinking text as much as possible. Users want to be able to read text immediately instead of seeing a text blinking.

To sum it up, typography plays an important role in web design. Most web design Malaysia agencies prioritizes typography in their designs. If you need a website, contact any of these agencies and they will be ready to help you.