All You Need To Know About Aeronautical Engineering

Living in the era of fourth industrial revolution where new inventions would pop up almost every single day, aircrafts and spaceships are among those masterpieces that are still evolving up to this day. Malaysia for instance, has its own aeronautical company known as UA Aerospace Sdn Bhd which is now thriving to expand its wings in global market such as China. With the emergence of such company, it is safe to say that Malaysia is taking a good step in preparing its citizens, especially the younger ones to UA Aerospace Y12-F Malaysia embark something special on this aerospace journey by introducing subject such as aeronautical engineering in its tertiary education. Though not many actually have the interest and qualification to further their study in this field, the introduction of this subject should have been highlighted more in our mainstream media as to promote the idea of what it is all about to the later progeny.

So, what is aeronautical engineering? Aeronautical engineering is basically the science of studying, designing and manufacturing aircrafts as well as the right techniques to operate them. It also trains engineers to master the field of designing, analysing, constructing and testing the commercial spacecrafts. Apart from that, they are also responsible in constructing new technologies in commercialised aviation, military defense as well as outer space exploration. What about their jobscopes? What do these engineers do at work? Well, first and foremost, aeronautical engineers are expected to design, create and examine in manufacturing military as well as commercial aircrafts, missiles and spacecrafts. Another thing is that they also help in designing and developing jets, helicopters, satellites, space shuttles and even rockets.

Once graduated, the engineer may look for job from companies such as Civil aviation Department and National Aeronautical Laboratory. There are myriad of job opportunities to be filled up by these graduates, not just in Malaysia but also in countries like USA, France, United Kingdom and Germany. Some even end up working with NASA. The stages of their job beginning with them working as engineer trainees. As their performance, academic background and also aptitude are being put under probation, they will later be placed for aircraft maintenance training or even support section. As it comes down to the completion of the training, the trainees will then be assigned as assistant for the airplane engineers. In order for them to get promoted, they will have to pass departmental examinations. From there, they may jump to any administrative or executive posts. Aeronautical engineers are accompanied and assisted by aircraft mechanics in order for them to help the engineers in action with aircraft maintenance.

Well, that’s about it for aeronautical engineering introduction. All in all, this turning popular course is now thriving to produce more excellent graduates to operate and invent aircraft and spaceship in the near future.

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